Are You Moving Forward?

Given the fact that the world is constantly moving and changing, it makes sense to wonder if we are too.  If you were an automobile, what gear would you consider yourself in:   “Drive”?  “Neutral”?  “Reverse” ?  Are you taking advantage of opportunities to move forward – in the right direction?

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It’s been said that you aren’t the same person today that you were yesterday.  And, you won’t be the same person tomorrow that you are today.  Perhaps the changes are only slight; but they exist, for sure.  You’re a day older for certain.  Are you smarter?  Do you feel happier?  Have you taken the steps to get closer to the goals you’ve set?  In which direction are you headed?

While I’m a big believer in the ‘you’re never too old to change’ adage, I’m also a realist and know that the younger you are, the more time you have to make choices (take advantage of opportunities) and move in the direction of your life goals.  Back when I was going into high school, I took a battery of tests that were supposed to help me figure out what vocation/occupation might be a good fit for me.

Tests are tools.  Nothing more.

Honestly, I don’t recall what those tests told me.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t indicate that I’d become a credit manager or a support manager for a business development department.  They also didn’t have me pegged as a professional basketball player or trapeze artist. Which is good, because I’m not very tall and I’m not fond of heights.

If you’re not continually learning ― if you’re not taking advantage of opportunities to increase and use your knowledge ― you’re not on an upward path.  And if you’re not heading upward, you’re heading in the other direction.  –SUCCESS for Teens.

Teens and young adults:  this is especially for you.

In your teen years, you have the power and freedom to invest in where your life will head in the long run.  Right now is the best time for setting your life on the right course.  Habits, actions, and attitudes are powerful.  The earlier you can get on the right track, the better.  Putting it off is not the way to go.

What you’re going to with your life is much more than a question of what kind of job you’ll have or how much money you’ll make (although both are important).  It’s really more a question of what kind of person you want to be.  Now is the time to decide and take action.

 Older adults:  hear me out.

While younger people may be in a better position to make some life-choices, it is NEVER too late to decide to make changes for the better.  Just be aware:  there is a cost to waiting.  Whether it’s saving money or developing the attitude and skills you need to succeed.  It’s never too late to start.  But it’s always too late to wait.  The earlier you start…the better.  J

Your turn:  Are you truly in a mode of learning?  Young or old, are you making good choices that will be take you to the places you want to be?  You can share your thoughts by leaving a comment here.


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About the Author

Michael Hawkins

I am a husband, father, writer, and blogger. I am passionate about helping people make good choices.

  • Dan Black

    I never think it’s to late to do something great! It does require change and personal growth which many people resist. Great post Michael.

    • Michael Hawkins

      Dan – Thanks very much for your positive feedback. Indeed: it’s never too late to decide to do something great!

      • Dan Black

        Your welcome.