Life is Not for Cowards

Max Lucado is one of my very favorite authors.  I’ve been reading his books for more than twenty years now.  His writing style is wonderfully ‘conversational’.  I find it tough to put down one of his books once I’ve started to read it.  Seriously.  They are that good.

August 6, 2009: Late night hands

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We all deal with fear at one time or another.

  • The fear of failure.
  • The fear of not measuring up to someone’s expectations.
  • The fear of the ‘worst thing’ happening.
  • The fear of getting a disease.
  • The fear of not fitting in.
  • The fear of losing our job.
  • The fear of not being a good enough husband, wife, mother, or father


The list goes on and on.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up an MP3 of Max Lucado’s Radio Special:  “Fearless:  Facing 2010 with more Trust and less Fear”

Lucado hosted the event with several members of a church congregation and some pre-recorded questions.    They talked about fear and how they deal with it.

Fear can make us feel small and insignificant.  Lucado told the group that God doesn’t want you to face your fears alone.

I want to share some of the program’s highlights with you today.

  • Be honest about your fear(s).
  • Don’t go it alone (you need a community).
  • Fear (by itself) is not bad.  Sometimes we need it to wake us up.
  • Putting your fear into words (prayer) can be a big help and bring the fear down to size.
  • We can’t control everything.  It’s not who we are.  But we CAN go to the One who IS in control – God.
  • Don’t fool yourself:  Storms happen.  Life brings us tough times.
  • Fear will come.  Anxiety will come.  Dread will come.  Let it come and do its work…but then dismiss it.
  • Living in a state of fear is an unhealthy thing.  It turns us into control freaks and unhappy people.
  • Respond to fear with faith.
  • Fear:  a feeling that the world is out of control.
  • Keep a worry or fear list.  At the end of the week, review your list and determine how many of those things actually came to fruition.  More than likely most of them didn’t.   : – )
  • Keep a journal of all the times God has answered your prayers.
  • Memorize a favorite bible verse.  At the onset of fear, recall the verse and repeat it over and over again.  Some possible verses include:  “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…” (Psalm 23); “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians  4:13)
  • Help someone else through a tough time.  You don’t have to have all the answers.  In fact, you don’t have to say anything.  Just being there is enough.


Your Turn:  What are you afraid of?  And where do you find comfort when the feeling of fear overtakes you?  You can leave a comment here.

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  • Todd Liles

    I find comfort facing my fear, because I know want lose the most important things to me: my family, my salvation.