My Three Words for 2013

New Year.  New Beginning.  New Opportunities.  It’s that time again.  New choices to be made.  Where are you in all the resolution-making, goal-setting, scratching-your-head-looking-for-something-new-and-better process?

 Time Heals Nothing

Each year, Chris Brogan asks his community of followers to choose three words that will be the focus of the new year.

My three words for 2013 are: Live. Laugh. Serve.

Here’s the breakdown:


I promise  to LIVE in the moment.  I’m not going to get hung up on yesterday’s failures or missed queues.  I’m going to focus on the NOW.

I plan to be fully present in all I do.  At work.  In the car.  At home.  At the grocery store.  Everywhere.

Yesterday is in the record book.  Tomorrow is just that:  tomorrow.  Today is where I plan to be.  One-hundred percent.


I’m going to LAUGH more.  Can I share something with you?  Taking life too seriously will kill you.  Sure, there are serious issues to deal with in a serious way.  But, piece by piece the stress and negativity of your everyday existence will tear you down.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  And, as they say, most of the stuff is small.

Negativity?  Being torn down?  I’ll have no part of that in 2013.


The plan is to do more than just “show up”.  Showing up is easy.

I will serve my wife and sons by giving them my full attention when I communicate with them.  It’s been a bad habit of mine to allow background noise to overtake conversations.

Television, streaming video, the internet, iPhones, iPods, iPads, iThis and iThat are all wonderful pieces of technology.  But…they have their time and place.  It’s too easy to allow them to take over.  Who’s in control here?

During the workday, I will serve my co-workers by making them feel appreciated and valued.  I will teach them and show them how to do their tasks easier and in the most efficient way.

I will give them positive and negative feedback in a humane, loving way.  Because, like me, then are not just employees or team members — they are human beings.

To all of you reading this post, I will serve you too.  I will share all sorts of tips, tricks, stories, life-lessons and resources.  It is my desire to help you in some way, shape or form.  Life truly is about making choices.

Bottom line:  I hope to help you Live. Laugh. And Serve this year.

All the best.

I wish you all the best in 2013!

YOUR TURN:  What are your plans for this year?  Leave a comment below.






Photo Credit:  Herr Kaczmarek

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Michael Hawkins

I am a husband, father, writer, and blogger. I am passionate about helping people make good choices.

  • Denise Dilley

    Michael, your three words are good ones to focus on! Living in the moment and serving more are on my list as well. But what I’m really focusing on is what I blogged about last week, my “one word” resolution – return. (You can read about that here —

    • Michael Hawkins

      Denise – thanks for the feedback!

      I checked out your blog post. I think “return” is an excellent word choice for the new year. It sounds like it’s already making a positive impact on you. Good for you!

      I wish you an exceptional 2013!